Starting a new business? Which of the million things to do do you focus on first? We think you should focus on your first sale first. Let’s discuss why and more importantly how on this blog.

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I invest in digital marketing and b2b software startups in SE Michigan. Having grown, bought and sold enterprise software companies over the last 20 years, I now enjoy helping another generation of entrepreneurs burn the candle at both ends 😉

Because I was (maybe still am) a nerd at heart and an engineer by training, sales wasn’t my thing…at least not at first.  I tried to avoid involvement in sales but soon realized that a successful company cannot be built without the founders embracing sales.  FirstSaleFirst grew out of my desire to apply science to the art of sales.

FirstSaleFirst is for technical and scientific founders who believe that having actual customers trumps the most artfully written business plan and who want to prove that their products and services resonate with customers.


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  • 1. Alex Lopes  |  October 2, 2010 at 3:47 am

    Anik, after start ups are able to make their first sale first, some may from time to time run into scalability issues, especially if scalability is capital intensive with unknown risk of failure. What advise would you pass along to a start up that has not yet secured venture capital to accommodate for growth?

  • 2. Alex  |  October 10, 2010 at 2:43 am

    Hey Anik,

    I’m currently developing a new product, and managing the customer development portion for this product as well. My struggle is in trying to find a methodical and calculated way to validate my value hypothesis. I understand how to have qualitative conversations with customers, but clearly knowing that I asked all the right questions, and got the right responses in a way that allows me to continue the customer development process is still like a black box. Thoughts?


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